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  Ionian Blue Taverna

Blue Sky Hotel - Apts


Lagoon Apts Hotel

  Corfu Hotel

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  Sidari is a tourist resort at the  North coast of Corfu island. It  used  to be a small Corfiot village  before  80's. In the early 80's, it  became a popular tourist  destination. Every year it was  getting bigger and  bigger. Today  it  is a large commercial  resort, that can offer  accommodation to 14,000 people.

Christina Apartments Sidari

Sidari 2011

Corfu Explore Car Hire

Angelina Hotel


  Maria's Beach Hotel & Apts


sidari corfu 1990

Explore Corfu nature

Spring had arrived and the island  was sparkling with flowers. Lambs with flapping tails gambolled under the olives, crushing the yellow crocuses under their tiny hooves.
Gerald Durrell


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From Sidari - summer 2009

Maria's Taverna

From Sidari - summer 2009


Palazzo Bar

Kanali Hotel

Bed Bar

Sos Bar


Sidari has merged together with Canal D'Amour, which is a part of the resort to the west.
Canal d'amour is famous for the remarkable cliffs and rocks, also for the nice beaches!

Here is a complete guide to Sidari with a lot of interesting info, fun, stories and reports about Sidari.

Restaurants in sidari :  Lots. All sorts - Greek Taverna, English, Mexican, Indian and Chinese.

 Bars in sidari: Loads of bars - some traditional, others with English DJ music, Karaoke video screens, night clubs for   them that like to dance and have fun! The staff are friendly and always smile. Other Shops in sidari : Lots of  gift and jewelry  shops,  supermarkets with a large one just before Sidari - called  Markato.  With the currency change from drachma to euro  prices have gone higher but you can still find some bargains.
  Also lots of travel agencies and telephone access.S
idari is i deal for families and couples, that looking  for  a package holiday. The resort  is  much larger than Arillas, Roda,  Agios Stefanos etc. There are  many beaches and activities. It is one of the best resorts in Corfu island.

Sidari has a natural beauty

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Wildlife of Alikes Corfu

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