Canal D'amour - Taverna Sidari Corfu


Canal D'Amour is a cosy taverna located in the popular area of Canal D'Amour , right on the beach. It provides a varied selection of Greek and International cuisine, which singles it out as somewhere special to visit during your stay on the island.Experience the tastes and flavours of our local delicacies in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with our refreshing local wine.



Our menu includes a choice of:
Starters, soups, sea foods, pastas, various grilled meat, The Canal D'Amour Taverna chef's daily specials, ice creams, sweets, drinks coffees.



    Greek Dancing Parties at Canal D'Amour Taverna.
    We would be delighted to prepare anspecial night for you to make it an unforgetable experience.



Canal D'Amour Taverna
Sidari  Canal D'Amour
Corfu Greece
Tel: +302663099429