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Canal D'Amour

It is one of Corfu’s great natural wonders, the beach is covered by small bays and coves. The water and the wind have carved the rocks creating impressive holes that look like they have been created by the hand of an inspired artist. The sea bed in this beach is quite interesting as well, so it is the ideal place for snorkeling.

Visited by thousands of people each summer, it is a stunning location well worth the visit, despite some minor issues you might face during your visit. More specifically, Canal D’ Amour can get so busy and crowded that it can be difficult for someone to relax, but if you do not mind the crowd, it is better to get there early in the morning in order to find a spot.


Canali is located west of Sidari. Between the remarkable cliffs and rocks, there are nice beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas. The sea is deeper and for safety reason dives are not allowed from the cliffs.